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About This Blog

This blog is designed to encourage comment on matters of interest concerning the Thames Coromandel District Council and is moderated by a former councillor.

It is intended that the primary focus will be on financial and governance issues because of the absence of any detailed attention to these matters through the Hauraki Herald - a Fairfax publication that is the only real newspaper covering the Peninsula.  Local radio news lacks impact and resources, and the community news-sheets are nothing more than mouthpieces for various resident and ratepayer groups, that are generally only concerned about parochial local issues. The boat ramp fee issue is a good example. (see recent post on this matter) Ironically, Thames gets relatively little coverage of important local issues through its only newspaper.

Reporters commonly fall victim to the age old trick when "public excluded" items are run early in the agenda with the clear intention that media will get bored, and go back to the office. If you find this practice surprising, don't be - it happens all the time.  Only one media rep. - from Big Valley Radio (FM 90.8) defies this intention and hangs around, often to the chagrin of staff and councillors alike. Hang in there Robert!

I intend to pick up on some issues from meeting agenda, together with the minuted decisions.  We will of course be unable to see the increasing "public excluded" content of meetings, but I invite any reader to bring matters to my attention that may need to see the light of day. Please use, or phone/fax 07 8688 138 to contact me direct about any concerns. Naturally, total annonimity is assured, but I must be in a position to verify information before posting it.

I don't guarantee total absence of bias - that is impossible, but I will attempt to give light to issues that do effect our lives, while ensuring accuracy to the greatest possible degree. The level of Council rates that we are obliged to accept will clearly be a major focus, particularly in the light of bold statements made during the campaign. Comments are invited, and encouraged. An occasional stoush, as I have invited over my current post on fluoridation can only throw light on the otherwise opaque.

Finally, I retain the right to moderate commentary - please stay within the normal bounds of propriety, and avoid abusive or defamatory statements.

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