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Choking Thames

Sometimes statements made during an election campaign can come back to bite. The Attached MP3 file is a record of a statement made by Mayor Glen Leach at one of the mayoral campaign meetings.

It probably does represent exactly what he would like to do, but reality is sometimes a harsh teacher. It seems that Glen has become very dependent on TCDC staff, and CEO Steve Ruru in particular. There is no choking evident to date.

Some of the bold statements as to the alleged financial shortcomings, and TCDC staff ineptitude seem to have faded. This applies not only to the Mayor, but also to our new councillors. In fact, deferred decision making and intense work-shopping seems to be the order of the day.

But Mayor Leach was still out there making bold while opening the new Junction Bar and Diner on Tuesday evening. Seems he is of a mind to overturn Development Contribution policy to make it easier for entrepreneurs to get into, or develop businesses.

All very well, but someone has to pay the piper, and if infrastructure is not paid for by those who create the demand, then it has to be paid for by the existing ratepayer base.

It is to be hoped that Mayor Leach is better able to articulate his new Development Contribution vision as the Councils new long term plan is developed. He will need to be able to do it well away from the adoring, and well lubricated crowd usually present at bar openings.



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