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Friday, December 17, 2010 at 8:28PM
Bill Barclay

If you were confused after reading the story on the Hauraki Plains Cycleway in today's HH, you would not be alone.

The following are the questions I subsequently put to Hauraki DC CEO Langley Cavers, together with his answers - provided within one hour:

1.    What exactly is the first stage of the cycleway, point to point?
The Government Funding for the cycleway is conditional on the construction of the length from Thames to Paeroa and then onto Waihi.  The Hauraki District Council has resolved that the leg from Te Aroha to Paeroa should be included in the first stage.  This will need to be agreed with Government.

2.    Is the second stage from Paeroa to Te Aroha?
The Second Stage is from Kaiaua to Kopu

3.    Has Piako-Matamata Council committed $500,000 to the second stage
    dependent on a TCDC contribution to the first stage?
MPDC have contributed $500,000 subject to it being included in the first stage

4.    What is the total cost estimate for the first stage?
The total cost for different sections is shown on the attached diagram (see chart below - BB)

5.    What is the estimate for the Kopu to Thames section?
I do not have this information at hand but the costs are very low as it follows existing walkways.  I will have to get this information to you at a latter date as it is not practicable to get it to you today.  The estimated cost for the length of the cycleway in the Thames Coromandel district (Thames to Hikutaia) is $2,039,000.

6.    What is the amount that TCDC has been asked to contribute to the first stage?

7.    Is the TCDC contribution required for Thames-Kopu section, or for the entire first stage?
For the entire first stage.

8.    Does any of the budget to date allow for bridging the Kauaeranga.
No.  The cycleway will use the existing bridge

9.    If it is considered necessary to bridge the Kauaeranga, what is the estimated cost?

These are the costs:

Section       Desciption                  Length          Stage        Cost $          

A                Kaiaua to Kopu           48 Kms        2nd             3,495,000

B                Thames to Paeroa      35 Kms        1st              3,418,000   

C                Paeroa to Waikino     13 Kms        1st                 898,000

D                Paeroa to Te Aroha    22 Kms        1st (prov.)  1,290,000

Total                                          128 Kms                        10,218,000

First Stage Total                          80 Kms                          6,723,000


My Comment

The questions remain regarding the who is funding the balance of the $2,039,000 for the Thames to Hikutaia section, and whether it is to be a Thames Ward project or "District" funded. This will have a substantial rating effect. Finally, the situation regarding the bridging of the Kauaeranga remains up in the air. This is a major safety issue.

Undoubtedly the New Council will deal with these issues during its January "Workshop". There is no justification not to allow public access to this discussion, particularly when there appears to be strong public sentiment in favour of the project.  Taking the meeting into "closed workshop" mode for the discussion with Hauraki Mayor Tregidga on Wednesday was not a good look.

Three cheers for Langley Cavers, and open Government.


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