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Freedom Camping

We all love the landscape, and appreciate the ability to stop in remote places to enjoy what is on offer.

Those who write to the HH to defend these rights and criticise those who wish to see some level of control over the rapid expansion of unserviced camping vans, particularly in our District, may be well advised to contemplate the effect of the recent announcement by Tim Alpe (Chairman of Tourism Holdings) of an expansion in the JUCY fleet of some 400 vehicles leading up to the RWC. The other companies (mainly Australian) who own franchises such as WICKED and ESCAPE are no doubt contemplating similar expansion of their second hand import fleets of Toyota people movers.

Fully equipped motor home owners get very emotional about this issue, even though the proposed controls, or rather implementation of the existing by-laws, are not primarily aimed at them. As with 1080, it is not an argument on which all the angels are all on one side. Ratepayers may however dwell on the fact that a single rural toilet, once paid for, costs around $12,000 per annum to service.

Those who say that we should just set them up wherever  there is the greatest demand are being a little disingenuous. The State government pays for camping site and composting toilet facilities at 100Km intervals on the main inter-state highways in Western Australia. There is no such likelihood of central government coming to the party here. In the meantime faecal pollution of favourite stopping sites will continue apace. On the other hand, the Department of Conservation provides magnificent facilities throughout the Peninsular for those seeking space and solitude.

Council cannot keep on putting off dealing with this issue through "workshopping". More resources are needed to police the existing by-laws. The paper presented to the 8 December meeting recommended this course of action after a year of consultation and contemplation. Further delay is just procrastination.



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Reader Comments (3)

Bill I have news for you--- us Baby Boomers will soon be on your Peninsula enmass - looking for places to park our mobile homes for a night or two of freedom camping. There will be thousands of us from this year on who turn 65 and after the RWC there will be mobile homes for sale everywhere - what better way to spend your retirement than camping for free on the roadside-- on your Council maintained reserves - well after all we have paid our rates for years [albeit not in your District]
There will be a mobile home near you Bill- what you may call home will soon be our home- with all the benefits one would expect from a tourist destination such as your place.
We will stock up at our home first - no need to pay the crazy country prices for food and fuel,we have on board facilities for cooking and washing so there is no need for 'expensive' camp sites - DOC or otherwise! And those of us self-contained can dump in the council supplied dump sites - oh joy - this is what retirement is all about - whether your council likes it or not-- we are here to stay!!!!!!
Other Councils welcome us with open arms [ though not all I might add] and we figure no matter how many by-laws officers you may have we will beat the system through shear numbers - and if you want to charge us that is fine - but first you need to find us - mobile phones and ipads [replacing CB radios of old] keep each other informed of places to stay without disturbance - yip we are here to stay!!

January 3, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterBaby Boomer

I don't understand
Our Council has indicated that you are just the people we want on our reserves. You are to be made welcome and offered every courtesy because our councilors say that you are meticulous in disposing of your waste, and that you are jolly nice baby boomers to boot who have earned your right to go where you like however you like. Too bad that you have to mix with all those nasty grubby foreigners rattling round the Peninsula in their beaten up old people movers, and being irresponsible disposing of their poos.
Come to think of it I could dispose of my rate liability by selling up, and moving out to join the "Grey Tide"myself. With any luck our Council will avoid making any decision on the matter for a few more years. By then we may be in the majority, and by exercising our democratic rights able to demand full facilities (and Bingo Hall!) on every reserve.

January 3, 2011 | Registered CommenterBill Barclay

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December 14, 2011 | Unregistered Commentervsmvdp vsmvdp

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