First Month
Friday, December 24, 2010 at 11:31AM
Bill Barclay

It is interesting to note that in four weeks we have over 200 subscribers, 400 viewers, and over 2,000 page hits. Not one councilor subscribes, and but one Thames Board Member. I suspect though that the "viewer" figures may hide a few surreptitious glances.

The same applies to the senior echelon of Council staff, but they may be surprised at the numbers of second level staff who subscribe.  

Oh well, I guess it is just a case of plugging away. One fervent (or fevered) reader has suggested a bottle of moderately priced vino for the best comment each month. Ok, I'm on - it goes to Peter Feran (and it was not his idea!- BB) for December. Note that non-de-plumes may get up, but obviously can't compete for said vino.

These things don't run on peanuts mind you, so any suggestions regarding advertising, promotions or similar would be appreciated.   I am happy to insert plugs for the SPCA and other good causes at any time. Talking of the SPCA - they could do with donations of money or canned/dry food over the Christmas period - just drop it in at their premises next to the airport. Anything would be appreciated.


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