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Cycleway (1)

Various interested groups made their pitch for Council funding to the Thames to Kopu addition to the proposed Kopu to Waihi Cycleway at the 8 December Council Meeting. The basis of the pitch was apparently that TCDC should be prepared to match the indicated Matamata-Piako contribution of $500,000.

This thoroughly laudable project, is probably supportable except for two important factors:

  •   will wards other than Thames be prepared to support what many see as a purely Thames  venture - the cost may be un-sustainable if Thames rate-payers are saddled with the entire cost,  and:
  •   has the need for a dedicated bridge on the Kaueranga River been brought into the equation?

Transit New Zealand estimated the cost of such a bridge at over $1m. and have adamantly refused to date to provide any central Government funding for the purpose.

The need for a dedicated bridge is beyond question - proposed increased numbers of mussel and timber trucks, along with all the other traffic make the existing combined bridge just too dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists to use as a regular cycleway.

Council devolved into a "public excluded" workshop later in the day to discuss the matter behind closed doors with Hauraki Mayor John Tregidga who chairs the cycleway committee. One has to ask as to why these talks needed to be behind a veil of secrecy, and hope that Council is not rail-roaded into accepting an ill-thought out proposal where $500,000 may turn out to be just the "down payment".


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Reader Comments (1)

Much as I love the idea of a cycleway if it means more than a 2% rate increase for Thames then frankly it is unafordable. I do not buy things that I cannot pay for so the Council needs to listen. If the traders of Thames want to front up as they are the benificaries of any business created then I dont have a problem.

February 19, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterPeter Feran

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