Waste Minimisation
Tuesday, January 25, 2011 at 11:16AM
Bill Barclay

Now there lies a slogan dear to the heart of many. Most of all, consultancies seen as necessary to set us off on the virtuous path towards nil-waste nirvana.

The two employed by TCDC (and Hauraki and Matatmata-Piako apparently) enjoy the evocative titles of Eunomia Research and Consulting, and Waste-Not Consulting. One wonders as to the selection process that led to the appointment of not one, but two, and the cost of their involvement - it will be substantial - of that we can be sure.

These two, according to a letter distributed to selected parishioners who have presumably demonstrated an interest in this esoteric, and possibly malodorous subject, invites the same to a "workshop" to be held at the Council Chambers from 2 till 4.30pm on Wednesday 2 February (presumably to follow the Service Delivery Committee meeting set down for that day)

If you wish to attend, you are asked to RSVP by 28 January to alison@eunomia-consulting.co.nz, Phone 09 376 1909.

It is pleasing to note that Peter Wood has been specifically invited - he more than any other past councillor has been responsible for probably the most successful initiative ever undertaken in this district to reduce waste - that being the Seagull centre at the Thames Transfer Station. Peter has worked tirelessly, and without a great deal of recognition or support to institute a Solid Waste Forum covering the entire District with a view to replicating the Seagull elsewhere, and instituting other measures to reduce waste. If the Workshop eases the way in the direction of such a Forum, then it will have achieved something at least.

Why it is necessary to bring in expensive consultants to "show us the way" escapes me. The composting plant at Tairua commissioned by the previous Council is an example of successful technology put to use to incorporate both vegetative, and residue waste from the Eastern waste-water plants into recyclable compost, and indicates that a progressive attitude already exists, but of course there is always more that can be done. 

Their letter explains that "under the Waste Minimisation Act 2008, all councils must review their Waste Minimisation Plans(WMMPS) prior to June 2012". So there you are - another example of Wellington's overweening demands, ensuring that consultants are kept busy. and LGA's poor.

If you have anything to contribute to this forum, I suggest that you register your interest forthwith.




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