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Dissatisfaction with Councils

Almost half of the businesses in New Zealand are unhappy with the support of their local council...



Small businesses and organisations in provincial areas lead the chorus of dissatisfaction, according to the latest MYOB Business Monitor.

In a survey of over 1000 businesses across the country, the MYOB Business Monitor found that 44% of businesses are dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with the support they receive from local government.  Sole traders, who represent the majority of all business owners, are the most dissatisfied with their councils (46%) and the least satisfied (7%), while over half of all businesses in the manufacturing and wholesale sector (54%) are unhappy with the support they receive from local government.

MYOB General Manager Julian Smith says that after all the hype surrounding this year’s local body elections, and the hotly contested mayoral races in several centres, councils need to work harder to appeal to the business community.

“It’s clear businesses want their councils to be more focused not just on making our cities and towns great places to live but also great places to do business – with all the benefits of employment, investment and growth this will bring,” says Mr Smith. “Based on the results of the latest MYOB Business Monitor, we can see that most of our provincial and metropolitan councils are failing to meet the demands of their local business community.”

Jobs, investment needed
“To create a nation of truly super cities and towns, we need jobs, investment and growth to support the lifestyle and services enjoyed by residents. Councils and the Government can’t lose sight of the fact that it is the business owners – small and large – working hard every day throughout the country that make our towns and cities better places to live.”

According to the MYOB Business Monitor, businesses in provincial centres, such as Waikato, Otago and Southland, and Marlborough have the highest levels of dissatisfaction with local government.

The new Auckland super city sits about middle in terms of support for businesses, with still high levels of dissatisfaction, while the performance of the Christchurch City Council during the September earthquake – despite weeks of the CBD cordon and considerable ongoing disruption – has seen it rank highest in the country in terms of business satisfaction, with 16% of Christchurch businesses satisfied with their council’s support.

Of all the provinces surveyed, Taranaki had the lowest levels of business dissatisfaction, with only 17% of businesses dissatisfied with the support of the council, and 9% satisfied.

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