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New Chum (2)

1,500 turned up - I understood that 5,000 were expected. Can't blame the weather - it was perfect!

Never mind, Glenn L. was there, flying the flag, but no sign of Sandra G. - and she normally turns up to envelope openings. Could it be that disillusionment is settling in?  It seems that she has been given the heave-ho by the Nats. Not many I suspect will mourn her passing, least of all her caucus who have apparently tired of her antics. Her incompetent chairing of the Law Reform Committee was reportedly the final straw. 

It seems that they are lining up a raft of would-be's if they could-be's for the pre-selection. That should be an interesting tussle! The usual power brokers will no doubt be hard at work over the holidays in an endeavour to keep a lid on any cat fights.

Back to New Chum - one has to wonder what the eventual cost will be to ratepayers of the Mayor's  public relations exercise supporting expatriate, and local celebrity activists on the beach.

Perhaps he could suggest that all the wealthy home owners in the vicinity form their own trust to buy out John Darby. That would constitute home grown philanthropy of a high order, and relieve tax and ratepayers of an intolerable burden. Any takers?


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Reader Comments (3)

mmmm - what goes round comes round -- Sandra G. spent alot of energy bagging the last Council -and also spoke long and loud about the 4 Councillors walk out - only to have the same thing happen to her whilst chairing the Law Reform Committee - oh Dear------------------

January 4, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterSand hopper

Bill - Brilliant blog. Christ, I wish we had an activist like you commenting on SWDC politics. You certainly are injecting plenty of acid into their sweet drinks!! Cheers - Ro

February 10, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterRo Griffiths

As a visitor from Queensland to the Thames region over the past week - I would like to add a comment to BillBarcsBlogg.
I was fortunate to be taken to visit New Chum's Beach. The initial lengthy walk along Whangapoua beach; the crossing of the almost full-tide river mouth, with swirling water and sinking sand holes - causing a laughing endeavour to keep upright because of camera and backpack; the clamber over stones around rocky headlands and then the short uphill climb was a fitting prelude to the magnificent view which presented itself through the Nikau palms - New Chum's Beach - a truly beautiful curve of unspoilt beach - the nicest I have ever seen.
I hope indeed that present plans to open up the beach and hinterland for development can continue to be squashed, as New Chum's Beach deserves to be respectfully left alone to delight NZers and visitors with its pristine isolation.

Also - I might add that my visit here to Thames was further enhanced by an invitation to attend a concert in the School Hall in the hills behind Thames Township. "Pacific Curl" - a small musical group,which is currently touring the smaller country towns of NZ, was an absolute delight. Celtic, Polynesian seems an interesting combination ...... it was brilliant! The fiddle, both haunting and then foot-tapping - the drumming rhythym - the very accomplished guitar and ukelele and the 3 female voices were unique and totally enjoyable. I didn't want it to end. I must add that the beautiful maori hand movements, synonymous with NZ culture completed a memorable evening for me and the capacity audience. Congratulations to the people of Thames - your spirit is indeed alive and most engaging.

February 13, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterGabrielle Pascoe

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