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Thames Fair Day

There were the usual complaints about yesterday's Rotary run Fair in Thames.

Blocked footpaths, competition, proceeds exiting the district etc. etc.

I took a look at midday and consulted with a dozen or more shopkeepers, not one of whom complained in any substantive way. A number were taking advantage of the situation and were running their own successful stalls - notably Don Snowden, who was adamant that the day was "great for business", and that those who complained should instead "get off their butts".

What impressed me was the vast improvement in organisation that was evident. Rotary had plenty of people on the street - easily identifiable, and dealing with problems as they arose. 116 stall holders attest to the popularity of the Fair, and there were more people on the street than I have seen in many a year, with all shops appearing to benefit. There were queues in some.

The layout of the stalls was excellent with plenty of gaps - a subject of past complaint. All in all a good show - congratulations to Denis Rogers who liaised on behalf  of Council in the past, and Maggie Gill for the excellent Rotary organisation on this occasion.

And what a good cause - more defibrillators for St John.



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Reader Comments (2)

I also have spoken to several business owners and have not heard 1 favourable comment about these parasites that come into our town, take disposable income from the people of Thames then dissapear.
I wonder if the IRD were to send an inspector through would these people still be here?
The notification to each shop only went as far as the shops the road was closed on... not one other bussiness in Thames got a letter about the fair
If the fair was for produce, home/hand made arts and crafts (we have a huge artist community here in Thames) it would be a wonderful oppertunity for the whole community to help each other.. perhaps there would be more shop keeper support for this.

January 12, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterPete

Good comment from someone outside the Fair area. Can't comment on the IRD issue except that it must surely exist with all stallholders at all the fairs up and down the country. I would be very surprised if steps were not being taken to close this door.
Absolutely agree with your other suggestion - someone has to organize it, and so far Rotary appear to be the only ones prepared to do it for this group of "travelers".
It needs a good organizer, and a good cause.

January 12, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterBill Barclay

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