The Campaign
Saturday, October 1, 2011 at 11:47AM
Bill Barclay

I certainly have no intention of taking sides, or even becoming involved in the forthcoming campaign other than to pass comment on the bleedingly obvious.

Here are four to go on with:

Mr Everywhere - National's Scott Simpson was glad-handing and beaming his way through the Tourism (shortly Destination) Coromandel meeting last evening, sitting next to kingmaker Morrie Dunwoodie, who of course fronted Glenn Leach's campaign. Even hard line antis are predicting a shoo-in, and his majority may indeed push him up the pecking order as fast as the incumbent has tumbled. 

Labour seem to have given up on their candidate, Mr Nowhere - Hugh Kininmonth, going by the advent of the ugliest hoardings you have ever seen, promoting "No Asset Sales" in white on red with "Labour Party Vote" under in hard to read black. Surely they can do better than that, and incidentally, there appear to be compliance issues with the same hoardings. 

If they are not careful, the Greens will again sneak past them as they did when Jeanette Fitzsimmons disposed of National's  Murray McLean JP a few years back, to the utter disgust of every true red and blue supporter in the District - the same Cr McLean who now gets his jollies by attempting to dominate the Council Chamber. 

On the other hand, Green electorate and list Candidate Catherine Delahunty may have some difficulty ringing bells in this District with her on-line campaign blurb claiming that amongst other things she is a "political animal", and that she has "half a BA  in anthropology and history". Mmm! And Ms Delahunty's forced smile in the campaign photo looks about as phony as mine when I tried the same for this Blog - totally out of character with the impression those of us who watch Parliament have of her.




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