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Sandra Goudie's Valedictory

Our member's valedictory on 5 October was appropriately, and uncharacteristically modest. Interestingly, not a single word about her succesor - Scott Simpson, which leads one to believe that Sandra may have backed another horse!

Sandra's Speech Link

I had heard on the grapevine that she had laid claim to personal credit for the Kopu Bridge re-build, but that was not the case - it was simply mentioned as a highlight along with getting rid of the mangroves. I suppose she deserves credit, or debit for that, depending on your point of view, along with Simon Friar. It is not a great list when you consider the problems that this District has faced over the last few years. 

She did offer fulsome praise for the PM - he is apparently her kind of leader, but clearly the feeling was not reciprocated in terms of offering any ministerial baubles. Sandra was keen to heap praise on her 'special' colleague "Crusher" Collins who she apparently greatly admires. In offering a final insult to Labour she quoted Collins as saying famously that "All work is honourable" - this claimed Goudie "is something that sets a whole new bench-mark for the Opposition". That type of snide remark bookmarks a wholly undistinguished career in politics, and was probably lost on the half dozen present on her side, and even less on the opposite benches to hear her bow out - a marked contrast to the full house present when Simon Power gracefully exited later on Wednesday.

Simon Power's address for contrast

In fact, her one claim to fame while in Parliament of the chairmanship of the Law Reform Committee, was characterised by a totally shambolic and partisan performance that even embarrassed her own colleagues to the extent that they took steps to get rid of her. It is reported that Key was far from impressed, and it was indicated widely that the word was passed that she should not seek re-election. 

Be that as it may, Sandra has been a feisty, and colourful representative - fronting in her trademark velvet 'town crier' suit whenever the opportunity arose. But I don't believe she will be missed by many, other than in National's hard core rural rump.   




Sandra's Speech

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Reader Comments (2)

One does not want to stick the knife in on one of these occasions you have summed things up accuratly enough Bill.
Lets hope for better things from the new man

October 13, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJohn

Is it true that if a monkey stood for our electorate the national voters would return him? Even if he wasn't local?

October 19, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterIngenuous

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