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Major Retail Moves Afoot

There are major moves afoot in the retail area - principally at the Goldfields complex.

It cannot be confirmed at this point, but it appears that the long awaited move of Countdown into the town is close. Countdown has had a long standing arrangement with Ngati Maru in regard to the railway land between the station, and the Yacht Club haul-out facility, but Danby Field is also in play by all accounts - a move that would raise huge hackles around the town amongst those who consider this land 'reserve', 'sacred', or somehow otherwise sacrosanct. So that could be interesting.

Of equal interest is a proposed move of Pak'nSave from its existing site to the Warehouse, which by all accounts has a larger floor area. The Warehouse in turn may be on the move to Kopu, which would hinder access by Thames residents, but take advantage of the imminent increased Kopu Bridge traffic. There could be some other substantial 'box-store' moves at Kopu on the way - particularly in the vicinity of the new roundabout.

The existing Pak'nSave site may be attractive to Countdown as an alternative to continuing its drawn out negotiations with Ngati Maru.  

As they say - watch this space. Some of this information may be premature, but without doubt, there are some major moves under way, including the earlier advised Stirling Sports move to the Goldmine.




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Reader Comments (2)

Thames ought to beware of more 'big box' moves on our retail and business sector.
Another supermarket will be welcomed, but will more 'big box' format retail options - even if they are at Kopu, may not be that desirable. Start to think about the downside implications.
Citizens need to be on their guard. We need to protect our main street.
Keep the 'big box' formats out. Keep local business and commercial activity health and strong, providing good shopping opportunities, employment options and re-investment.
Don't be seduced by corporates.
Now is the time for a belief in the little man - proudly be one of the 99%er's.

October 18, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterRussell

Change is not always for the better. Y'know 'If it ain't broke don't fix it.' Remember Placemakers move? Land still empty and Mitre 10 smiling.

October 19, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterPeter H Wood.

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