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Economic Development

Okay, now we know that the reason for the Mayor agreeing to provide his friends from Whitianga Waterways the right to insert their brochure for some concert they are promoting in our rate demands was all about economic development, it must all be hunky dory.

Our Mayor seems to have a hazy idea of what constitutes appropriate behaviour. His intervention to ensure that this brochure insertion occurred is beyond his mandate, and if he is unaware of that then there remains the potential for a repeat performance. It suggests a stunning level of ignorance and arrogance, apart from any other question of propriety.

What is of greater concern in this instance is the fact that it was strongly suggested (and vehemently denied) that Whitianga Waterways supported the Mayor in his campaign.  Moves since to weaken development contribution policy gave rise to suspicion of conflict of interest, now compounded by this latest incident. 

Our Mayor's recent actions appears to indicate that he feels that he can rationalise any behaviour as acceptable if it falls into the category of supporting 'economic development'.  He seems to believe that he has widespread support in the community to overlook any norms  of mayoral behaviour that have been established over generations of local government experience, and designed to constrain mayoral prerogatives.

He should take heed before he further sullies the office which he is privileged to occupy.




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Reader Comments (1)

Advertising is all around us (elections to) and citizens combat it by switching off when its inappropriate. Personally I glanced at the music pamphlet that came with the rate account and then binned it. It's really not a problem and I think the Mayor probably thought there was no harm in helping a group lift the economics of our area. As long as the extra cost of including the pamphlet in the envelope was not bourne by the ratepayers there's no need to fuss.

November 24, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterPeter H. Wood

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