Steve Ruru
Tuesday, November 15, 2011 at 1:18PM
Bill Barclay

Steve Ruru has been appointed to the position of CEO of the Kaipara Council. See the press release.

Kaipara has a 14,000 rate-payer base against our 23,000, and is riven in controversy in regard to a recently constructed wastewater plant that has caused one of the highest per capita debt levels in the country. The plant services only 2,000 rate-payers and has cost some $60m. That makes ours look like a bargain!

It seems ironic in the circumstances - Steve's predecessor has had some 18 years in the job, and has a reputation for running the Council at his dictate. Steve will bring a new approach in that regard, but it is like the frying pan to the fire in regard to the W/W plant, and the debt.

Anyway, he goes with my best wishes - I think he was treated in a very shabby fashion here. 




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