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Moanataiari Soil Test Results

It was all drama around TCDC this AM as officials went about briefing media and working out how not to frighten the horses over the Moanataiari results that must have come through last week.

It is all pretty depressing, and without doubt residents will be wondering "what next"? And it won't be long before claims for compensation come forward related to loss of property value etc. etc.  

Here is the TCDC link: 

This is the actual release:

Early test results are back after the Thames-Coromandel District Council and the Waikato Regional Council conducted 28 soil samples at the Moanataiari subdivision in October.

The testing occurred because of the subdivisions known history as reclaimed land using burden and tailings from local mines in the early to mid-twentieth Century.

Preliminary results indicate that there are elevated levels of arsenic in the soil. The arsenic is not an introduced chemical in the mining process, but a naturally occurring trace element often found in higher concentrations around other elements such as gold.

Mayor Glenn Leach said today, "our primary concern right now is the health and well-being of our community and I urge everyone to read the advice issued by the Ministry of Health; we are confident that if people follow the health advice, they can remain safe while we get on with the next steps".

"Given the urgency and importance of this announcement, I have called a meeting for residents and stakeholders of Moanataiari tomorrow, where experts from the Thames-Coromandel District Council, Waikato Regional Council and the Waikato District Health Board will be able to fully update the community and can take people's questions".

"I also want to reassure our Moanataiari community that they have the full commitment of this Council and the other agencies involved to sort this out; however in the short term it will take time to work through the issues and more patience will be required".

The next steps include applying for some funding from the Ministry for the Environment to enable the Councils to conduct more soil tests on private property. Further testing will allow the agencies to define the full scope of any contamination, so that tailored management and remediation options can be considered.

Read the Ministry of Health advice here

Read about the project and the history of the subdivision here

Read about the tests and results

Further information and Frequently Asked Questions

Key contacts





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