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Kauaeranga Protest

Newmont sometimes gives the appearance of having arrived down in the last shower of rain.

Can you imagine the level of insensitivity involved with this foreign company intent on carrying out exporation activities in the Kauaeranga Valley immediately after the discovery of toxic levels of arsenic in a major sub-division in Thames built on mine tailings. 

Here is the press release from Coromandel Watchdog regarding a successsful protest mounted at the scene yesterday to esure that the exploration activities ceased.

It is as if the Schedule 4 battle was all in vain.

 Coromandel Watchdog of Hauraki                               

Media Release

Coromandel Residents Oppose Mining Survey

Local residents and anti-mining group Coromandel Watchdog today blocked Newmont mining activities in forestry and conservation land in the Kauaeranga Valley near Thames and then escorted them from the valley.

“We have discovered that Newmont is carrying out geophyscial surveys with a view to mining in the Kauaeranga Valley,” says Coromandel Watchdog co-ordinator Renee Annan. “The Kauaeranga Valley is a highly valued recreational area with over 80,000 people visiting each summer, many heading up to the world famous Pinnacles.”

Local residents stood shoulder to shoulder with Coromandel Watchdog preventing Newmont staff from entering an area where they had been carrying out ground resistivity tests which would identify potential gold deposits. The company staff then decide to leave the valley and were escorted out of the valley by 50 people waving banners saying “No Mining”. Former Green's co-leader Jeanette Fitsimmons and Green MP Catherine Delahunty who live adjacent to the exploration permit supported the protest.

“We know that Newmont and other mining companies have applications or existing permits to explore a large part of the northern Coromandel, and part of this is in Schedule Four land, “ Ms Annan says.

“The public needs to know that the mining companies are still intent on mining  Schedule Four land and that despite the victory in 2010, exploration activities cannot be legally stopped on this land. That is why we are taking non-violent direct action.Today's peaceful protest is just the first of many unless Newmont leave our area.”

 “Exploration is a huge risk because once a gold deposit is identified, particularly with the current price of gold, the mining company will continue to attempt to expand under or around the conservation estate.”

Ms Annan says that local residents are determined to protect Coromandel from any more mining and are very concerned about the toxic legacy recently identified in a subdivision in Thames.

“We have enough issues to deal with from historical mining, the last thing we need is Newmont expanding out of Waihi into our precious conservation places.”



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Reader Comments (3)

Bill. The exploration permit most certainly does include Conservation land within Schedule 4, in fact a large chunk of it extends from the Kauaeranga valley across the ranges to Hikuia.

Having gone through the whole Schedule 4 debate only last year and the government being forced by public opinion to keep this land off limits to mining, why is the governent issuing an exploration permit over it ? Whats the point unless there is an expectation that the the ban will be lifted at some future date?

What is really concerning is the rash of new permit applications covering not only the Kauaeranga valley, but all of Thames township itself its hinterland including Scedule 4 , and the Thames Foreshore, plus Tararu valley and Waiomu....

Number: 52804, Exploration Permit, Waihi Gold Company Limited, Kauaeranga Valley, Waikato. Status: GRANTED 17/12/2010, Commenced: 17/12/2010, 5 years - expires: 16/12/2015. Area: 5704 ha. Minerals: Gold, Silver.
Number: 53981, Prospecting Permit, Zedex Gold Limited, Thames, Waikato. Status: SUBMITTED. Received: 4/10/2011 - 2 years. Area: 28.1 SQKM. Minerals: Gold, Silver.
Number: 53305, Prospecting Permit, Matai Mining Limited, Behind Thames, Waikato. Status: SUBMITTED. Received: 17/1/2011 - 2 years. Area: 5.5 SQKM. Minerals: Zinc, Gold, Silver, Copper.
Number: 52722, Exploration Permit, Hawkeswood Civil Limited, Thames shoreline, Waikato. Status: GRANTED and commenced 22/3/2011. 5 years - expires: 21/3/2016. Area: 555 ha. Minerals: Gold, Silver
Number: 53304, Prospecting Permit, Matai Mining Limited, Behind Waiomu, Coromandel, Waikato, Status: SUBMITTED. Received: 17/1/2011, 2 years. Area: 6 SQKM. Minerals: Zinc, Gold, Silver, Copper.
Number: 52910, Prospecting Permit, Waihi Gold Company Limited, Coromanel, Waikato
Operation Name: Roadshow, Status: Granted and commenced 28/2/2011, 2 years, expires: 27/2/2013. Area: 13.37 SQKM, Minerals: Gold, Silver.

December 5, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterDenis Tegg

That is very disturbing Dennis - I had no idea. It show s a level of sophistry from within the Government that defies belief.
There appears to be malign hand behind all this, and it needs to be exposed. What the hell are they doing if they are not soffening us up for some modificattiuon of the Schedule 4 ban?

December 5, 2011 | Registered CommenterBill Barclay

Are we able to find the names of the people who are behind the company names and put them on this Blog? It would be informative to see who the greedies are that put money and profit before the environment let alone the goodwill of their fellow citizens. I'm computer illiterate so can't do it.

December 8, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterPeter H. Wood

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