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Trade Waste By-law

Here is the draft:

Amended Draft Trade Waste By-law (with track changes)

This is a 46 page document, so I suggest that you only download it if you have a direct interest in its content. 

The actual By-law is much as was proposed at the outset during the last Council, and agreed to on 10 August this year.

Here is the Paper that accompanied it

The adoption of this By-law is long overdue, and will enable exacerbators to be appropriately charged for the level of processing required for their waste. It is roughly in accord with the standard by-laws enacted elsewhere in the country, and in no way fully compensates for the level of processing required, but it does provider a fair balance between the exacerbators and other rate-payers taking into account employment and others economic considerations.

There are three categories into which exacebators have been divided, and some submitters appear to take issue with their category, but overall, the consultative process that has been adopted seems fair, and the results transparent. The final document (see above) incorporates the changes suggested in submissions that staff consider appropriate, but the Hearing on Wednesday should take into account all submissions.

Overall, it has been a drawn out, but worthwhile process, and Council will no doubt adopt the recommendations on Wednesday, subject to last minute appeals from vested interests that may swing some Councillors from the intended course of action. They are so fickle in the face of any concerted opposition, no matter how flaky. And worse, most appear to have either not read the paper, or understood it. I won't name them - most will know by now who they are. It is bloody embarrassing at times, and you have to bite your tongue. 




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