2011 for the Mayor and Judicial Chair
Thursday, December 15, 2011 at 3:53PM
Bill Barclay


I reproduce the following from the Press Release after yesterday's Council meeting without comment  - it represents the Mayor's claimed achievements for the year:

- 1% average rates decrease for 2011.

- The new Council's mission, vision and objectives and the progress made on delivering them this year.

- Recruitment of a new Chief Executive, David Hammond (starts 16 January).

- Setting up the new 'Destination Coromandel'.

- The opening of the new Kopu bridge.

- Community Board Chairs sitting at the Council table and the quality decision making that has resulted.

- Positive aging strategy

Other matters covered verbally by the Mayor included praise heaped on Deputy Mayor French for outstanding support provided, and a very pointed warning to members regarding pet projects leading up to the delayed Ten Year Plan in the light of the economic collapse that appeared to be occurring in the EU and elsewhere. This would have to be taken into consideration during the TYP, and was a timely warning.

Councillors appeared a little stunned as they contemplated plans slipping from actual to illusory. Should be an interesting session. They go behind workshop closed doors once again on 22 December to discuss the TYP, and some of this reality may become clearer at that time, though we will never know. 

Judicial Chair

The only other member to present a Report for the year was Judicial Chair Wyn Hoadley. Cr Hoadly was anxious for members to understand that this "was not a skite sheet - just achievements". These covered four A4 pages that she attempted to read out, but I will not reproduce here.

Many of Cr Hoadley's claimed achievements appear to relate to straight out management issues in which she appears to be taking a much greater role than is envisaged or appropriate for a committee chair, but overall it is an impressive list that indicates a far greater attention to this task than has been demonstrated in regard to the Thames Community Board. 

No other member or chair saw fit to report in such a comprehensive manner - it certainly sets a new benchmark.


By way of comment, both the Mayor and Cr. Hoadley are repeat offenders at taking cheap shots at the previous Council, unfavourably comparing its performance with that of the current Council. This boring repetition is verging on nauseous and in most cases  the facts do not support the assertions. It is self-serving, self congratulatory and complacency at its worst. At the very least, the previous Council was prepared to take on issues, and thoroughly argue the pros and cons - something this Council is either unable or unwilling to do, certainly in open sesion. 

They should all remember that the first year is always the easiest; testing times lie ahead that will require a greater contribution and attention to detail than has been evident over the past three months.  They should never forget that complacency does not sit well with first time councillors.

The following quote from Trevor Mallard (in an article posted on the Labour blog - 'Red Alert' yesterday) has resonance for our Council

"I spent three years as a whip which included cabinet committee experience in the 1980s and the nine years as a Minister in the Clark government.

I saw lots of weak, and some frankly useless Ministers. Most, but not all, were in the second half of the rankings. They often caused more work than they added value. There was an enormous amount of time wasted explaining what was either obvious or buried in papers that if they had been read hadn’t been understood".

Goodness, gracious me - I wonder who he was referring to?




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