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Sandra Goudie

Not only did the Mayors of Hauraki and TCDC put an ad. in the HH on Friday lauding the achievements of Sandra (presumably they paid for the ad. from their own pockets - if not, they should have), but our Mayor invited the same ex-councillor and MP to attend yesterday's Meeting, and join members for lunch.

Mayor Leach did not hold back on his praise for Ms Goudie's efforts over her nine years (minimum time for full parliamentary pension). His valedictory was fulsome, and at times stretched beyond credulity. All very well, but Mayor Glenn better watch his back; Sandra's advertisement on page 5 of the same HH gave an indication of a possible intention to re-enter the local political scene, and I cannot see her taking a back seat to Glenn should that happen.  On the other hand, Glenn has always been at pains to claim that he was a 'one term' Mayor - just in there to "clean the place up!", so it may be that this little pantomine was simply an annointing process. 

This may replicate what is happening in Wellington where Labour's Annette King has gone back on her previous stance, and has announced that she may be available to contest the next Mayoral election.

The thought of Sandra as Mayor will cause a few raised eyebrows around the traps, but she will of course have lots of support in the boondocks. Watch out tree-huggers!




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