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Swimming Pool 

The following story appeared on page A7 of the NZH dated 7 December and is instructive. 

Cambridge Swimming Pool 

It gives an indication of what has been expected of the Cambridge Pool fund-raising committee by the Waipa Council, and it has lessons for both our Council and the proponents of both the our new pool and more importantly, our Zoom Zone people who have been so vocal in regard to the support they demand from the Council for their indoor sports project.

Far too little has been asked of these groups in the past in regard to their own fundraising contribution to these projects, and it is time our Community Board, and Council laid down its requirements before committing rate-payer resources at the Ten Year Plan deliberations next March. 

I intend to keep a very close watch on these proceedings - our Chair and some members have indicated a tendency towards excessive generosity in this regard in the past. They need to be reminded regularly that it is our money they are spending.  




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Hear Hear Bill.
New facilities for Thames town would be useful to various minorities I am sure, but said minorities ought to regard Council as a funder of last resort. For a long time groups have demanded new this, and new that, with the expectation that funds come directly from TCDC, all the while making half-hearted efforts at their own fund-raising. Groups need to demonstrate serious and long-term fund-raising efforts, and the support of a very large segment of the local rate-payer population, before they bang on the Mayor's door demanding urgent action and money. Rate-payer's have probably exhausted their ability to dish our money willy-nilly, not to mention loosing patience with lobby-groups and covert election agendas. Recent events throughout much of the world (Arab uprisings, Occupy movement, Russian political protest and so on) ought to reveal that people will only take so much back-door, closed door, behind-the-scenes, what-ever, political shilly-shallying.

December 18, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterRussell

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