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Board Performance

The Thames Community Board has now met twice, and had numerous closed door workshops, so has had sufficient time to shake out and shape up.

My first observations is that the chairing leaves a great deal to be desired – I cannot see how it can carry on in this manner. Strat is a good guy - we all know that, but he wants to please everyone, and he is a bit long in the tooth to learn the essential skills needed to handle this task.

Board Member French gives every indication that he is aiming for the Mayoralty. Measured, and reads his papers.

BM Hoadley is opportunistic, but says little that amounts to terribly much. Also in the habit of leaving the room for long periods – not a good look.

BM Yates picks his words very carefully so as not to disclose huge gaps in his knowledge.

BM Connors is the surprise – asks searching questions, is not afraid to admit her lack of financial knowledge, and wants answers.

BM Baverstock has a narrow vision concentrating on “community”, and will spend money on anything and everything in that direction, without any apparent understanding as to where it will come from. Also distracted with phone calls and texting after arriving late.

BM Bridgman has been around too long and sails with the wind.

All in all, a pretty unimpressive bunch that may improve with time, but I would not bet on it.

As I have predicted from day one, the Zoom Zone will be the Albatross around the neck of this Board. Too many of them made promises during the campaign. Board Member French is leading the way, and clearly determined to satisfy Zoom Zone ambitions. He would be  well advised to take a long hard look at the business plan in which he places such stock to establish whether or not it is really "evidence based". He, of all board members, should be concerned in this regard. 

Worst of all, they have apparently succumbed during their "closed door" workshops to the siren song of Councillor "Borrower" McLean. They had better be careful. Many are the Councils that have gone down this slippery slope in the past, including this one.




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