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New Media

For those who are interested, let it be known that the only other "reporter" at Council on Thursday was an HH rep. who may or may not have written important stories, but the only ones that appeared in print today relate to the complaints made in Public Forum - the Valley farmers on the cycleway, and Mick Radford's perennial gripe about rubbish.

As usual, Coromandel FM was unrepresented, and seems to rely on whatever it can get out of the local rag, or what the Mayor chooses to tell during his unchallenged rant on Thursday mornings. Big Valley radio was absent for the first time since it started up due to illness. It alone was at yesterday's Board meeting with me, and I am sure will have plenty to say about the shambles that masqueraded as a meeting.

And this after a Council meeting that adopted the draft Annual Plan, and proposals to change long standing debt limits - obviously not important. You have to ask the question as to just how Fairfax regards the citizenry of this district. They must think we are all idiots, and that tabloid pap is all we deserve. It certainly seems to be all they are prepared to give us. Roll-on the footy season it seems, and keep the fishing competitions going at all cost in the meantime.

I don't wish to be the only one out there with Council information, but it seems that way. I know that there are plenty who think I sail a little close to the wind, but this is new media - this is what it is all about. It is designed to invigorate and question and provide a point of view.

I deplore the rubbish that has been dealt up to us in the past, both here and through the advertising rags that service the other communities. 

I only ask that you support me by getting the blog out to more people - I have 500 regular readers at this point - I aim for 1,000 by April, but will only achieve this if I can persuade every current reader to send this on to anyone who may be interested. Tell them to Google Bill Barclay Blog, or use

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Reader Comments (1)

This is great Bill! Thank you for your erudite commentary which I entirerly agree with ,in its intention. Why couldn't H/H do something on these lines rather than the pap it dishes up. It doesn't even have an editorial. I can understand that TCDC spends lots for info ads but many readers are ignorant of TCDC finance matters and probably scrolled past the info that was inherent in your comments. Often the most important info is hard to gain from staff-speak, and thats where an informed reporter who actually prepares for the meeting by reading the supplied order paper ahead of the meeting would be doing the job for democracy that the media have as a responsibility. Beware Thamesites ! Compulsory removal of your money will be used to prop up the wish list of other areas. We all pay the interest on borrowed money and every new assett has maintenance and depreciation costs on-going.

March 4, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterPETER H. WOOD.

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