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Golly, I thought we were going to miss out this month, but then along came Russell (I know who he is!) with an excellent comment on Closed Workshops (2), and very timely.  A top vino of impeccable provenance to you Russell. I just wish that this would encourage a few more similar entries. Russell's comment is reproduced here for those who have not yet viewed it:

Closed sessions smack of something to do with denial of democratic process, oneness and accountability and those sorts of issues. I am surprised that an experienced councillor such as Hoadley would consent to being a party to such tactics as 'closed workshops.' Indeed I would have thought that most people would have viewed closed workshops with alarm.

Whatever might be going on in closed sessions, the citizens of Thames ought, properly, if they are interested, to be able to hear the opinions that our elected representatives are expressing around the table in a public forum. It is simply not good enough for them to hide their opinions for the public. What is it that they might not want people to hear?

One would reasonably have expected that new councillors would want the public to witness and hear debates, as a part of establishing a credibility, both as individuals and as a team. I would like to know that all aspects of community opinion are being properly and fully aired in robust debate. While some decisions might not go as we, the community, might want or expect, we can at least be satisfied that the discussion was had, for all to hear should they choose.

It seems to me that our new councillors have been silly, at best, in allowing democratic process to be subverted so quickly in the interests to leadership and team.It is good to see messrs Plummer and Sims making public comment, and, surprisingly, getting a front page spread... What, real news is our newspaper? Unheard of.

Closed sessions, combined with a singular lack of newspaper coverage, isolates our communities from participation. That sort of arrogant rule / governance leads down an unhappy path. Ask someone from the Middle East.



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