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Windows on Thames

Having, along with my other half - Barby, been asked to judge the 35 entries in the shop window dressing competition that was part of the Heritage Week celebrations, it is probably appropriate to draw attention to the outstanding efforts made, and wonderful artifacts on display.

The winners were all representative of three old family firms - Reads, Browns and Brokenshires - now Plumbing World, but still with Clare at the helm, and window designer. The first two were outstanding both in terms of the content, and display, but Plumbing World's display was the embodiment of 'less is more'. John Read's second year as winner is indeed notable - his display has 'finish', and should not be missed.

The smaller windows (and shops) have some difficulty competing with the large emporia simply through volume and variety of the artifacts on display, but three in particular who were Highly Commended lost nothing by comparison given the thought and skill that went into their displays.

They were Unichem Moores, Eyecatchers and Penisula Memorials. The latter was outstanding in terms of content - the owners displayed a range of clothing, furnishings and sewing materials of museum quality, both in the window and inside the shop. 

The enthusiasm and effort that went into the entire 35 displays is a credit to the town, and a visit to see each is in order for all those who have pride in the ambiance that puts Thames on the map. 



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