Heritage Day (and Week)
Saturday, March 12, 2011 at 3:05PM
Bill Barclay

Congratulations to Morrie & Geraldine Dunwoodie, Marilyn Dobbs and Sue Gwynn, and the entire team for the manner in which they have again overseen a great Heritage Week, culminating in the celebrations today at Victoria Park.

Numbers may have been down somewhat - possibly due to residual fears over the Tsunami warnings that have emanated from the radio all morning.

It didn't matter - stall holders I spoke to indicated that they had had a great day, and the entire program went off without a hitch, apart from the unfortunate weather postponement of last Saturday's Trailer Derby. 

Few would understand the amount of organisation that is required to pull all this off, and Morrie is not getting any younger. We need a few more younger energetic people to get involved in this week which must surely have now become Thames's principle festival.

Tourism and business must benefit, and it is these sectors that should be putting their hands up, and helping to get more punters through the door. 

Organisation for next year starts now, and I know that Morrie and Co. would welcome others coming forward to help out. There are just so many tasks to perform, but it is extremely well organised and just keeps getting better from one year to the next, so don't hesitate. 

Resolve to do it now, starting with the 'wrap up' meeting that will be advertised shortly.




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