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Christchurch (2)

It was disappointing that our Council  failed today, beyond calling for two minutes silence, to take the opportunity, as have most other councils, to make a financial gesture towards the Christchurch appeal. The previous Council gave $15,000 at the time of the September event - a token really in the circumstances, but still a significant amount for a smaller Council. 

Auckland has given $1.5m. on this occasion, and other councils amounts substantially less than that, but the subject was not even raised during today's meeting. An opportunity was lost to show solidarity in a tangible manner with the city that is suffering New Zealand's greatest natural disaster. I have the distinct feeing that is is just inexperience, but it does indicate a distinct lack of leadership.

Some may interpret this post as "sniping". I reject the description - we can all learn by our mistakes, and this was one that should be corrected without delay. It can be done by email with confirmation at the next meeting, and $50,000 would not be out of order in the circumstances. Perhaps it could come out of retained earnings, in common with the repairs to to the storm damaged netball courts.

Come on Councillors, where is your humanity. By comparison, talking about your remuneration and facilities for 1 hour 15 minutes (22% of the entire public meeting of 4.5 hours) was not a good look in the circumstances. 



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