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National Pre-Selection (2)

More from Whale Oil: It seems that long time former regional chair and party board member Scott Simpson is the high profile party functionary mentioned in the previous post. Word is that Scott was badly bruised in Rod­ney, and has decided that with the removal of regional del­e­gates from Rod­ney he is try­ing some­where else.

"Oth­ers in Coro­man­del are school teacher Heather Tan­ner , Megan Camp­bell and Brian Sharp (archi­tect and for­mer TCDC coun­cil­lor). A detailed post will fol­low when more infor­ma­tion is know about all of these, with the early word out of the elec­torate that sit­ting MP San­dra Goudie seems to be heav­ily involved".

Our friendly Whale, indicates that:

"know­ing San­dra, this could be a pos­i­tive or a neg­a­tive depend­ing on which side of bed she has emerged on any given day. The smart money is favour­ing San­dra stay­ing in bed, and prob­a­bly in bed some­where on the other side of the world until after selection".

Make what you like of it, there is still a little way to go on this one. I would not have given short odds in favour of Brian Sharp, he being the Thames ex-Councilor who along with our ex-Mayor Barriball moved the incomprehensible motion to introduce 'district' charging for waste-water in 2001 - not exactly the action of the 'sharpest' knife in the drawer, and one from which Thames ratepayers have suffered ever since. He clearly has harboured wider ambitions, and it will be interesting to see if National hard heads share his values.

Other than Heather Tanner, the other two are carpet-bagging apparatchiks who will turn off more than a few local stalwarts. My money at this stage is on Heather.




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