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New Media (3)

Readers will no doubt be pleased to see the advertisement in today's HH for a new reporter.

The standard of reporting has improved immensely with the advent of experienced scribe, Gillian O'Neill. Apart from a few factual glitches to which I have drawn attention, Gillian has brought new life to journalism in this District, and Clint Fletcher is to be congratulated for giving her the run that she has enjoyed. Her performance standing up to bullying in the Council Chamber was a joy to behold, and an object lesson for any aspiring journo, regardless of gender.

I hope the new recruit will be able to complement Gillian, who lives on the East Coast, rather than replace her. Thames needs an experienced Thames based reporter to cover the town and Council adequately in my view - the original incentive to get this blog off the ground was the complete lack of any analysis or oversight of TCDC in particular.

It would be nice to think that my earlier comments regarding the Fairfax bean counters may have had some influence. Temps. and journalism students are okay in short bursts, but the almost total reliance placed on them to provide copy last year was unacceptable, and cost HH credibility in my view.



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