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Councillor Remuneration (3)

I am filled with admiration for the manner which the new HH reporter Gillian O'Neill stood up to the bullying of the Mayor at the 2 March Council meeting (see my post 'Mayor lays it on the line'), but she must get her facts right. Today's story on 'Councillors cut own pay' contained a real boo boo.

The facts are as presented in my post 'Councillor Remuneration (2)' on 3 March.

Councillors decided to forego $1,000 to go into a pool to help get the pay of CB Chairs up by $4,000, including a new tax free 'Communication Allowance' of $750, which the councillors also agreed to pay themselves, thus negating the effect of the $1,000 'sacrifice'.

There was no intention at any stage of the discussion that this payment would go to CB members. Such a suggestion will be embarrassing as at least one councillor (Jack Wells), predicted during the lengthly debate likely disquiet amongst CB members as to the pay disparity thus created . 

At least the story on the Cycleway appears accurate.



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