New Chum(s) 4
Tuesday, March 8, 2011 at 10:41AM
Bill Barclay

Well it looks like it is all over - John Darby has withdrawn his offer to sell the property for 50% of its value. It appears that the Government has undertaken its own valuation separate from Mr Darby's kind offer to arrange same, and arrived at a figure of $10m. - Darby claims it should be twice that according to an item on today's National Radio Morning Report.

In any case,  it is clear that reality has set in, and Mr Darby has seen the light - the Government is not going to front up to buy the property in the current situation in which it finds itself. Conservation Minister, Kate Wilkinson made some vague comment about the matter being able to be negotiated at some time in the future, but that is pure spin.

We can all breathe a sigh of relief, not that it was ever on, but the chances of J Key and others perceiving some electoral advantage by going along with J Darby's offer was always a risk up to this point. That inevitably would have resulted in a demand for TCDC involvement (probably 50% of the 50%), and that is not a prospect that I suspect many of us would have enjoyed.

Anyway, we are all off the hook now and can get on with our lives without that threat, and the inevitable pre-election  emotional claptrap to which we would have been subjected.  Apologies to all those pro-New Chum(s) purchase readers (and I know there are many) - I went there a couple of weeks ago, and I do understand what everyone talks about - but its purchase just does not add up. Sorry!



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