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Briefs - Council 13 April

Blue Print

The District Plan Review Committee are meeting last week and next week to come to grips with the Blue Print and its implications in regard to the development of the Plan. It seems that there is much anguish out in the boondocks over alleged lack of consultation, and this is apparently reflected in David Taipari’s attitude on the Committee.

We heard a number of contributors to the Public Forum who were universally unhappy at the processes adopted to date, though what else staff could have done to publicise and conduct consultation on the matter is hard to contemplate.  It seems that there are always people who will claim that the consultation process is inadequate for one reason or another.

Council decided yesterday to remove a clause from a motion that endorsed the Local Area Blueprints (LABs), that endorses the Coromandel Peninsula Blueprint: Local Area Blueprints, which on the face of it seemed to negate the whole point of the motion.  But the motion does allow the LAB’s to ‘inform the review of the District Plan to the extent that these respective processes allow’.

Boy, these bureaucrats do tie themselves up in knots, and then Councillors finish it off. The looks on the faces of planning staff at the back of room yesterday said it all. 


Christchurch (3)

Remarkably, our Council has belatedly come to the party, and decided to donate $40,000 to the Canterbury Appeal – not far short of the $50,000 I suggested back in February.

I say belatedly, because there was ample opportunity to get the matter on to the previous Council agenda, and make a decision that would have appeared more than just a ‘me too’ reaction after realising the shame and opprobrium that resulted from the earlier failure to act.

Any Councillor could have proposed the payment as a late item on 2 March, or since, but there has been total silence.

Oh well, better late than never!


Treaty Settlement

Mike Dreaver from the Treaty Settlement Office gave an excellent run down on the progress of the negotiations with the Hauraki Collective.

If you wish to see a summary of the final 3 volume Hauraki Report go to:

The final negiation is very close to completion. They are aiming at completion by September and a Deed of Settlement by March 2012. Mike gave some figures as to the extent of the Settlement – it is very, very significant, and there are substantial changes ahead with regard to the manner in which our Council relates to Maori interests.



Council made a decision to put $150,000 from savings (see Finances post above) to enable technical investigations to be undertaken into the various infrastructure (wharfing) options. Clearly this starts at Sugar-Loaf, but all options are on the table.  

It further approved $1.14m. for 2011/12 to proceed with the business case and processing of the resource consent application. The Chief Executive indicated that this would be subject to successful negotiations for a substantial industry contribution.  





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