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National Pre-Selection (3)

The Whale has run a good report on the Candidates Meeting at Te Aroha last evening. His sources are again impeccable though the report may be contested by others who attended.

Basically, he wrote off Brian Sharp as a lightweight with nothing to say, and reported that Heather Tanner played the Maori, school teacher and female cards as if she were at a Labour pre-selection meeeting.

The Whale believes that it is down to the two apparatchiks - Megan Campbell and Scott Simpson, but I would not write off Heather just yet - local support in this electorate may count for more than in most, though Heather has only been a member for two years, and did not come across well last evening. 

Megan and Scott were deemed the winners on the night, with Megan ahead on the speech, but Scott  winning the Q & A.

But the Whale clearly favours Megan as being the complete article excepting the local connection, despite his long time friendship with Scott Simpson. She could well be Cabinet material, and that is regarded as important after a long period of the incumbent being on the outer in every sense.

Megan is Electorate Chair in Central North Island, and an ex Treasury wonk, but well connected, and projects warmth and empathy. She came across well, but Scott seemed the more relaxed and experienced. His age (52) may count against him, along with past failures.

There are two further meetings later this week, and the selection meeting is delayed until 19 May for no apparent reason - and that seems very late!

It looks as if we are likely to end up with an import, but let's wait and see just how Heather performs at the later meetings having put her first night nerves behind her. 

Too close to call at this point.




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