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The cycleway was approved at this morning's Deliberations Meeting. There were 635 submissions - 368 opposed.

This followed on last minute assurances from John Tregidga and Langley Cavers (HDC CE), and a threat to vote against the motion by Cr Hoadley who was very unhappy with the amount of information provided.

As I have indicated in all most posts on the subject - this issue for Thames will revolve around getting cyclists over the Kauaeranga Bridge. Mayor Tregidga indicated that NZTA were in the process of costing up clip-on, but that any action this regard could be way off. Langley Cavers said that cyclists "should walk" over the bridge. Mayor Tregidga indicated that the terminus would be the wharf as far as the project was concerned, but locally, it can go anywhere the Council wishes.

The motion is subject to a satisfactory MOU to be negotiated by the Chief Executive, and approved by the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and CE before presentation to the June Meeting. 70% of farmers have come aboard, but based on submissions, the promoters have a long way to go to get the remainder on side.

It looks like a deal - Cr Hoadley and Cr Wells made a lot of objections, but caved in to make the motion unanimous. I suspect that it would have been a different story had Cr. McLean not been overseas.




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