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Water Metering

The vexed question of extending water metering came up again during the LTCCP discussions yesterday. It is staggering how those councillors from areas not currently metered are determined to resist extension.

These are the facts - all of Thames, Coromandel and Pauanui are metered, along with the industrial areas of Whitianga - the latter principally aimed at capuring the considerable OPC usage.

Metered ratepayers pay $1.10 a cubic meter - probably around $200 a year for the average consumer. On top of this every ratepayer pays as follows:

Town                 Res. Rates             Av. Meter                          Total

Thames             $326.64                    $200                             $526

Coromandel      $530.07                    $200                             $730

Mercury Bay      $371.48                                                         $371

Tairua-Pauanui  $420.07                    $200                             $620

Whangamata     $260.41                                                         $260

These charges are of course based on local costs of production and distribution, but reveal a major  anomaly in the charging regime with Coromandel rate-payers paying on average $730 per year for their water, and Whagamata $260. How fair is that?

And unmetered councillors continue to resist and demand that the decision taken by the previous Council to extend metering to every consumer over the next few years be rescinded, on the grounds of cost, and 'fairness'. Makes you wonder about the 'district' wastewater policy, and the profound resistance to any change to that.

The claim that everything 'balances out', using the tired old argument surrounding the cost of maintaining Coromadel-Colville roads is starting to wear thin. The Mayor became quite emotional during this discussion yesterday - I think some of it may have been aimed at moi. Cr. Bartley also had a pretty fair swipe at "those councillors who walked out and did not get re-elected". I think that only concerns Dal Minogue and me. Boy, he knows how to make you feel small, and he is of course quite safe from any response - very courageous!  

You may well question this attitude, but no doubt all will be revealed when the revenue/cost review demanded at yesterday's meeting is produced in August.  It may produce a few surprises if it is done correctly.



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Reader Comments (1)

The H.D.C. has a policy of metering every connection to a Council water supply. i.e. user pays in main part. I believe this policy should be the TCDC's as well. It would certainly cut back wastefulness as the H.D.C. found, and thus elongate the
resource consent use time rather than continuing to breach same.

May 25, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterPeter H Wood

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