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Placemakers 'Premature Publication'

I know that Geoff Furkett and Bruce Oliver did not emerge from the last shower of rain, but their obvious irritation expressed in their letter to the HH on Friday regarding the 'premature' publication of their plans for the development of the Placemaker site must surely point to degree of naivety that belies their long business experience.

If you want to keep things quiet, announcing your plans during submissions to an open meeting of Council is hardy the way to go. I sat and listened, somewhat bemused, to the ambitious plans outlined by Bruce Oliver at that meeting, and wondered at the time whether he must be far further forward than we had been led to believe. 

To intimate that publication has in some way prejudiced their plans is ingenuous in the extreme. No doubt, the HH will take note of the warning that this matter should be ignored until they are "provided with authorised press releases"; - this will bring a smile to the face of editor Clint Fletcher, and presumably he will consider himself duly chastised.

What some people around this town need to understand is that there is a new era underway in terms of transparency in regard to both Council and other activities. This has come about principally through the advent to three new faces - that of Gillian O'Neil on the HH staff, who has demonstrated that she does not step back from an issue, nor slavishly accept the content of TCDC press releases, Gary Bulling who has brought a new and fresh interest in the form of the Peninsula Press, and last but not least, Robert Jeffares who has stirred up the radio market.

The competition between the HH and PP has resulted in a general improvement all round. I would like to think that my blog has contributed to this change, though I am sure many would disagree.

For far too long, a cabal of interested parties has controlled what has been published, and broadcast on the Peninsula. This has been unhealthy, and although they are still powerful, they no longer control the levers. The failure of the HH and CFM to provide fair, fact based, and unbiased information in the past has been a scandal to be tolerated no longer.

The improvement in the HH is a credit to editor Clint Fletcher - may he and Gary Bulling go head to head for hearts and minds for a long time to come. What it shows is that Fairfax responds to competition just like every other provider.

As for the Placemaker promoters - go for it; we all want to see the ugly wasteland brought up to its full potential, and we will await your 'authorised press releases' with bated breath.




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