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Initiative has its own rewards, and you have to admire the effort made by Gary Bulling to get his new Peninsula Press newspaper off the ground. After three issues, it seems clear that it is here to stay, and a number of advertisers, obviously less than impressed with the Herald's hold, and rates, have voted with their feet.

It is interesting to see the range - a number of automotive and machinery suppliers, and trades appear to predominate, but also a number of small Thames business houses that have been absent from the Herald pages for a considerable time are present. I don't know how they will evaluate the results, but they must be convinced that this is the way to go, and obviously Gary is offering them rates that the Herald can't or won't match.

This was a substantial gamble by Gary who evidently comes to the town with many years experience in newspaper production to take on the establishment - much the same as Robert Jeffares at 90.8 Big Valley Radio. Their footprint at this stage seems to be mostly Thames and Hauraki rather than over the Hill, but it will spread as the more conservative elements realise that they have a Peninsula wide alternative.

Editorially, Gary seems to be taking "lets not scare the horses" line, and that is probably the way to go in order to establish a firm base. In taking on the Thames service stations today he is treading old ground, but it does no harm to state the case again, and make a few comparisons. The fact that the station owners here refuse to become involved in the debate speaks volumes for the manner in which they have held the town to ransom for ever and a day.

I know from personal experience the way in which government regulators run a mile from becoming involved (it does make you wonder what on earth all those Wellington bureaucrats do to jusify their existence) And don't whatever you do mention the word 'collusion' - prices in Thames are set quite independently in case you did not know.

Anyway, congratulations to Gary - both he and Robert are welcome additions to the local media scene.




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Reader Comments (1)

Hear hear!! Why is it that our gov. allows overseas corporations to buy up the local media then channel the proifit out
of the District??

May 16, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterPeter H Wood

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