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Boat Ramp Fees (6) - 'the Consequences'

Cr. Fox (and Cr. McLean!) has had his comeuppance as slowly but surely Community Boards around the Peninsula have begun to realise the negative effects of the wonderful new world of no fees for boaties.

Shortfalls in budgets that resulted from the hasty moves in December to remove fees in keeping with election promises have come home to roost, and every effected Board (other than Coromandel which opposed the move from the start) has now reversed the position that they took earlier.

Cr. Fox's move has cost Boards in excess of $100,000 - money to maintain ramps and facilities that now has be found from elsewhere. Actually, the reversal shows the value of having boards review council actions, particularly when councillors are fresh out the blocks.

This doozy is just one of the many outrageous plans cooked up as election fodder, passed in haste, and now regretted at leisure. More are on the way - just look at what is proposed here in Thames before criticizing activity over the Hill.

This will emerge over the next week or two as final bids are placed for pet projects in each community. But at least the end is in sight for the removal of boat ramp fees - re-instatement from 1 July appears a done deal, and boaties can once again feel that they are making a legitimate contribution to the coffers, Cr. Fox notwithstanding.  Hooray!



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