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Destination Thames Sub-Committee

The following is taken directly from the Minutes of the TCB Workshop on 24 May:

The Community Board were presented with expressions of interest received from the public wishing to be considered for selection as a member of the Destination Thames sub-committee of the Thames Community Board.


That the Thames Community Board:

1. Appoint the following applicants from the community as members of the Destination Thames Committee:

  • Rex Simpson
  • Morrie Dunwoodie
  • Mark Skelding
  • John Sinclair
  • Geoff Furkert
  • Bruce Oliver
  • Errol Kingsbury

2. Appoint member Peters and Bridgman as the Community Board representatives on the Destination Thames Committee.

3. Appoint member Connors as the reserve Community Board representative on the Destination Thames Committee.

4. Ratify these appointments at the 13 June 2011 Thames Community Board Ordinary Meeting.

Moved/Seconded By: French/Yates

Further to this it was noted that whilst the Destination Thames Committee will identify heritage as an important priority it is not the sole objective.

This Sub-Committee is very much the brain-child of Board Chair Strat Peters, and he has indicated that he sees it as his personal 'legacy' project. The 'heritage' priority is clearly signalled by the inclusion of Auckland heritage architect John Sinclair amongst the nominees. Its membership does seem to be heavily weighted towards Strat's mates - all upstanding citizens of course, but still a pretty weird concept in local governemnt terms.

I guess the jury must remain out on just how effective it is likely to be, or what the cost will be in the end. At this stage, Strat has only asked for $50,000 in the Annual Plan, and it can probably run for much less, but as unpaid, unelected members who carry no responsibility, it will be most important to watch carefully as its role evolves.

These ad hoc committees have a habit of taking on a life of their own, and range well beyond the original concept, of which we know very little. For example, we need to watch out for junkets to observe other jurisdictions - that is a favourite ploy for committees of this nature. Oh dear, cynicism ill-becomes me!

But I amongst many fail to understand why the Board cannot furfil this role from amongst its own paid ranks - that is after all why they were elected. There has been no opportunity to hear internal debate on any of these matters to date because it has only been discussed in 'closed door workshops', and I don't expect any open debate on the matter on Monday.




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Reader Comments (2)

It must be that the pool of nominations from which the successful candidates were drawn was fairly limited in number, as the individuals selected are coming to the public's attention, through their involvement in other forums, on a regular basis?
I might suppose, if I were a cynical person, that there are some agendas being pushed that require influence and manipulation, the likes of which participation on such committees would bring.
But, not being a cynical person, I am sure this is not the case.
In any event I shall wait with breath held, for the results of such an august body as Destination Thames.
It does seem to me however, that, if there was capital, vision, energy and leadership present within our community, such a committee as Destination Thames would not be required, as those events, services and products that would compel visitors to arrive in hordes in Thames and environs would be present already, as the investment prospects of such ventures as are likely to be proposed, would dictate that high returns might be expected from said investment.
A little more cynicism might lead me to reflect that such committees as Destination Thames will argue for ratepayer investment in order to realise such potential as is identified by these groups.
Might I suggest the "The Foundry" with it's attached proposition that the TCDC could eventually purchase the property in support of this community hub, is a case in point?
Dam this cynicism.

June 11, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterRussell

This "committee" is so depressing - white middle class middle age men, with tired ideas and initiatives to match their insular world. Seems to be a very loose undefined mandate. I certainly would not welcome spending rates on this group.

June 12, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterNigel

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