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Thames Airfield

Geoff Furkett and Bruce Oliver made submissions to the Community Board Workshop on 24 May with regard to the Thames Airfield, following their submission on the Placemaker site.

The Minutes record their submission as follows:

  • Identified as a valuable asset/resource for Thames
  • Currently no viable master plan for the airfield
  • How does the extra hangar fit into the overall planning?
  • Mowing contractor is not mowing the full width of the runway
  • Contract should be based on the length of the grass, not how many times per year
  • Council does not really have the expertise to manage and operational facility such as the airfield

Planning for a Master Plan:

  • Business case is required
  • Airfield needs to be developed in a strategic manner
  • Aeronautical users need to be attracted to the airfield
  • Thames should be included in a flight circuit
  • Council funding may not be required in the future, could be commercially funded

Zoning requirements:

  • Investigate a plan change for the airfield land
  • Any development at the end of the runway could compromise future
  • airfield operations
  • Waste water infrastructure needs to be addressed

An original presentation made was to ascertain whether Council would considervesting the operational management in an independent organisation. It wasnoted that whatever decisions are made, would need to be mutually beneficialand have some longevity for the investment required.

Community Board suggested that discussion be had with the District Plan

Manager to discuss process and inclusion in the District Plan Review.

This all appears pretty straight forward, but it will be interesting to hear the views of the Airport Users Group in regard to these proposals. There is undoubtedly a real prospect that the airport could become commercially viable without the need for ratepayer support (currently over $38,000 per annum) as a result of the recent closure of other regional airports, and the need for a number of operators and service providers to move from Ardmore. Thames seems a very logical alternative location, and there may be more than one prospective developer in the wings.

A thorough investigation of this prospect should indeed be included in the Disitrict Plan Review.




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Reader Comments (2)

There is a full plan for the airfield put in place by Brian Sharp and T.C.Bd. years ago.

June 30, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterPeter H Wood.

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