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Boat Ramp Fees (7) (final, final) 

This must one of the most contentious issues dealt with by Council in a very long time.

The final wash-up of Board decisions and countless workshops has been to bring down a motion that results in the elimination of fees everywhere except Whangamata and Coromandel (Sugar Loaf) where the regime in place before Cr Fox's ill conceived motion in December that put the cat amongst the pigeons, will be re-instated.

CR Brljevich correctly raised the issue with the Chief Executive regarding the allocation to costs now to be incurred, but not covered by fees, in the other Wards. It has always been our understanding that these were 'district', rather than local charges, but he surprisingly advised today's meeting that these costs would be met from local rates. That is good because costs could be substantial.

There was a telling exchange when a number of the Eastern councilors suggested that the Council enforcement officers should be forbidden from issuing registration or warrant infringement notices on vehicles or trailers that are parked near boat ramps. The Mayor suggested that it was unfair to issue notices on trailers that had "only travelled  a short distance".

The discussion was stopped short when Deputy Mayor French stated that he would certainly not support any motion that suggested condoning illegal activity. There are of course a fair number of people in the district who take a very 'tough' stand when it comes to lawbreakers generally, but who are very selective about certain laws applying to them. Cr French gave a timely civics lesson to certain councillors and board chairs yesterday similar to that delivered by Cr Hoadley in regard to swimming pools - unsurprisingly, the same people appear in the firing line on both issues.




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Reader Comments (2)

Interesting to note that the CEO now decides that 'boat ramp fees are a local rate' .Cannot recall seeing on my Whangamata rate demand a targeted rate for boat ramps ? on previous occassions when i asked the local office it was indicated that it was a District rate [in the general rate] -be interesting to see how Whitianga cope with this proposed targeted rate especially when Board Chair Henry said 'no way would the locals pick up the cost of the ramps if the user pay fee was dropped' And how gutless is the Tairua /Pauanui Board - 'waited to see what 'the how the other Boards voted' - especially when some several thousand dollars is to be spent in their area - including the dredging around the Pauanui ramp - and what of Leachy's user pays system - conveniently forgotten? Oh well the poor ratepayers who don't own a boat will have to pay for somebodies else's pastime -[and many of those who use the ramps are out of towners-not even ratepayers] And so the disidents won again - how conveinent that the Whangapoua ratepayers ignored the thousands spent on road widening, footpaths and parking - instead concentrating on how a few working bee's put in their ramp years ago and now they are not prepared to contribute to it's upkeep by the way of a fee - good one Tony
Nice to know the Mayor supports lawbreakers who don't travel far [Bill's blog]- what if a trailer wheel came off a unregistered-unwarrented vehicle and killed a child whilst enroute to launching a boat ? We want law abidding people in our communities-not law flaunters ----

July 2, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterKingfish

Now if I was still handing out monthly prizes, this would be a winner. I also am very skeptical of the CEO's advice in this case, and will follow up ASAP, and post. If local, it puts a completely different slant on it.

July 3, 2011 | Registered CommenterBill Barclay

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