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Chief Executive

Those who study the Herald each day will have noticed the advertisement appearing this week for the position of TCDC Chief Executive. The ad. contains the words:

"With the current Chief Executive's contract running out at the end of the year, the role is required to be re-advertised. The appointment will be effective from 1 January, 2012".

With such a long lead time, my HR experience would indicate to me that Steve Ruru has already been told that his re-appointment is unlikely.

Blind Ned could have detected the tension in the air at Council today as recently elected councillors vented their spleen at the lack of progress towards the strategic upheaval and delegation of functions that they claim was reason they were elected. Cr Wells, Hoadley and Fox were at the forefront of the charge as the wording of the Annual Plan was taken apart in a vain attempt to detect any mention of the need to undertake this upheaval pronto. The vague one line reference to the subject in the Plan certainly did not cut the mustard.

The orchestra, as usual, was being conducted by Board Chair Keith Johnston, who incidentally claimed that my column on the subject of community board empowerment was wrong, but failed to indicate exactly in what manner.  Steve Ruru was repeatedly asked to explain why greater effort had not been made to meet councillors expectations, and played the usual straight bat, while Mayor Leach excused the lack of action on the extreme workload to date, but indicated that "a workshop will be held". In fact, we heard several calls today for more workshops. It seems that they are the preferred means for transacting business, and I don't think they will be weaned off them any time soon.

Back to Steve - much as many of us hold him in high regard as a chief executive, I have the feeling that too much water has gone under the bridge for him to survive, and that he should be seriously looking to his future. I think too many threats were made by the Mayor during the election, and that several of the new councillors hold him responsible for what they perceive as bureaucratic in-action within Council.

I actually believe that with all elected organisations, chief executives have a finite life, and that in most cases should be no longer than nine years in the job on a 3 X 3 contract cycle. There is just too much baggage being dragged after this period, and particularly after the clean-out our Council had last October. There is a 'strategic review' underway at present that may be unsettling a number of the senior staff, and I suspect the depth of the cuts and changes will determine the attitude of many councillors to Steve in particular. We heard today that this review will be back in Council in the next month or so, and should co-incide with interviews of applicants for his job.

The job description contains the usual pap (page B8 in today's edition), but nothing in the way of qualifications or experience other than "experience in the local government sector, along with knowledge of legislation associated with local government would be an advantage".  Wow, that tightens it up then!




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Reader Comments (3)

Bill, I think the Steve Ruru's fate was sealed at Hahei meet the candidates meeting ,where I understand from a reliable source that Glen Leach stated [amongst other things] -----"---a new contract will be operational---- The CEO will be given every opportunity to apply for the job, but I doubt very much if he [Steve] will have the ability to run a operational based Council' ---How would you feel about that comment----?

July 2, 2011 | Unregistered Commentercyclops

It is a brave person who will apply for the position of CEO of the TCDC . Their seams to be a lack of understanding by the elected members that he is the CEO, they are the Board of Directors.They are not their to put their finger into his pie. If their expectations are wooly, what is the poor guy to do? Unfortunately our democratic system is largely a failure due to apathy of the electorate and so we get what we diserve-Councillors serving to achieve their own selfish agenda. My thought about Steve Ruru is that he is virtually invisable and surely as CEO should be more public and available to the press or does the Council Gag him?

July 3, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterpeter Feran

My posting was not "Spellchecked" and I have mis-spelt "there" My appologies

July 3, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterpeter Feran

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