Kopu Bridge
Tuesday, July 26, 2011 at 8:06PM
Bill Barclay

Mayor Glenn Leach is obviously not my flavour of the month, but on the subject of opening one lane of the Kopu Bridge by Christmas I am in total support.

Transport New Zealand needs to have maximum pressure applied to break their long-standing rules regarding total completion before opening. No one would expect other than a metalled lane pending completion of the carefully calculated settling process on the approaches – they are hardly likely to be affected by traffic.

HEB Construction may not be thrilled at the prospect, but circumstances are such that the risks associated with the old bridge are beginning to make the argument for a one lane opening persuasive. TNZ re-assurances are beginning to wear thin. A sudden 300mm gap may be fine during the day, but had it happened at night, it could have been a very different result. The old wreck has had it, and TNZ officials should should face up to it, rather than dig their head into the sand.

Their top engineers should carefully consider their position ahead of any inquiry that may need to be convened in the event of a serious untoward incident. Hopefully, their advice is well documented.




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