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Stop Press - TCDC Redundancies

The long awaited and much anticipated upheaval at TCDC commenced yesterday

21 redundancies, including some of the senior management team were announced. 15 new positions have been created for which those made redundant are eligible to apply. There was no prior indication, other than rumour, that this action was about to happen. The shock around Council today is palpable. No doubt all kinds of consultation processes will have been put in place, but I would not expect much change from these figures.

This follows a review by people who are alleged to have been brought in by Mayor Glenn Leach, and is in accordance with the threats issued during the course of the election campaign.

The consequences of this action will be substantial. Although there has clearly been an element of 'dead wood' around the Council for some considerable time - mainly due to the inability of the Chief Executive to exercise adequate staff oversight (his one major management shortcoming in my view), there is huge danger in reaming out an organisation in this manner. The loss of experience and corporate history will have a devastating effect on the operation of council, while the effect on morale will be incalculable. 

Ratepayers will have to accept that the level of support accorded Mayor Leach in the election provides the mandate he believes he has to carry out this action, but he has not demonstrated any particular acumen during the eight months he has been in office other than to cause fear and loathing around the establishment. His long standing reputation as a bully remains intact. Confidence has clearly been lost between himself and Steve Ruru, and Steve's demise appears imminent. The consultant brought in to review the applications for the CEO position is hard at work, and clearly Steve is not in the picture.

I will post any further information as it becomes available. Any one affected is invited to contribute, and any information will be treated with the utmost confidence and discretion.




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Reader Comments (1)

The hit list of staff fingered by politicians for removal has become more obvious with the replacement of Craig Birkett by a totally under qualified Nick Wetherill into a position as Team Leader of the newly formed compliance team looking after dogs, liqour,health,parking noise & bylaws. Why did Birketts role get disestablished & then recreated under the management of Ellis.

It is fair to say that this news shocked all staff who are to now report to a team leader who has no experence whatsoever in this field. Perhaps its another play by the pollies to get someone into the job who they can control through a lack of knowlege and a reputation for avoiding the hard questions.
Nick has a background in Building Compliance so how this put him into a position leading the Health & Liqour Inspectors defies belief. Whats more Hammond appointed Wetherill to the role without advertising the position in keepng with policy "If the job is significantly different than the present role then it will be advertised outsde of TCDC". No suprises seeing Steve Hart step up to a Senior Compliance Officer" position although he will struggle under the leadership of Wetherill & Jackie Ellis. He's known for getting the job done but will he survive the current climate.....only time will tell.

June 11, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterinsider

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