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Rockies Track

One of the finest short walks around Thames that has remained under the radar except for a knowledgeable few is Rockies Track - about two hours solid climb and then about 2ks down the Victoria St. Extension back to the carpark just outside Dickson's Motorcamp at Tararu. There are some truly magnificent views of the Gulf and the Hunuas from the top.

DOC and TCDC have been planning to get the track up a new standard for some considerable time, but have been frustrated by some issues with the local Iwi who control a substantial area or land at the back of Tararu, and on which the old track encroaches.

TCDC has had about $10,000 in its budget for its share of the work - about 150m which lies on the reserve land leased to the Campground (now up for renewal!) It decided to go ahead while DOC sorts out its problems. The route carries on up the first part of the hill to where it joins with the old Tararu Tramway Track (in a dilapidated state) that runs along the ridge before dropping down on to Ash St. - a favourite with the locals.  There is a lot of history around that route.

The TCDC section is nearly completed and it is a credit to the builders - a beautiful section of contoured track that ends with almost completed steps to the Reserve boundary. Let's hope that Peter Carter (DOC) can get his survey and the new track up the hill completed in time for the summer season.

It is great asset, and well worth a visit, even up the old track - but just wait until the builders have finished the steps, or else there are sure to be H & S issues!




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Here here Bill, Rocky's is indeed a very fine track. The hills behind Thames have a great many heritage tracks that deserve a little effort and money so that they might enjoy some foot traffic. These many tracks are sled tracks that were put in to support mining operations, and, with the passing of time, have deteriorated with subsidence, slips and wind-fall damage. But they would be easily repaired. And having been repaired, they would form an excellent network of walking, running and cycling (admittedly very steep in some parts) tracks. This network of tracks would also allow interested people to assist with the removal of the many weed species infesting the area and replanting with native species to build the regenerating bush more quickly. With some effort, heritage sites could be revealed and interpreted for the benefit of visitors. These renovated tracks could provide some modest business opportunities. They could also provide some meaningful work for local periodic detainee labour.
There are many possibilities that the redevelopment of the Rocky's Trail track points toward.

August 22, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterRussell

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