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Owen McShane

The following is an extract from Owen's latest Newsletter that is worth a look. Get on Owen's Newsletter distribution list by emailing him at

He puts his finger fairly and squarely on a most welcome change in attitude by progressive elements within the Maori community. The change came through the enthusiastic endorsement by a group of leaders and organisations for Iwi investment in the companies that the Government has indicated that it will sell down to 51% should it be re-elected. This means of rapid involovement in the the blue-chip sector of the economy is most welcome, and as Owen suggests, places the entire community "at the crossroads". 

Here is is the extract - email Owen for the full email item:

1.         Maori at the Crossroads – Let’s get the signposts right.

1.1       The Choices.

A group of Maori organizations and Iwi leaders are sending some clear signals to other Maori, and to Government in particular, that they are standing at a crossroads.

One road will take Maori into a future in which they participate in the modern world, and contribute to economic growth and development, driven by technology development and employing people on high wages. They may also benefit from growing dividend streams as a result of significant investments in state owned enterprises.

The other road locks them into the world view of tribalism, and in particular enforces the religious beliefs of pre-European times, such as mauri, and taniwha and which regards science as the enemy – being the “latest force of colonization”.

This is the time for Government to clearly signpost the road both Maori and Pakeha should want Maori to chose, for their own benefit and for the general health of society.

Namely, Government should make clear its preference for the policies and actions of the forward-looking modernists, over the policies and actions of the backward-looking reactionaries.




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