TUGPRA (4) - At Last!
Saturday, August 6, 2011 at 12:52PM
Bill Barclay

The TCB is to be congratulated for having at last decided on criteria for the use of proceeds from the TUGPRA Account. Go to the previous TUGPRA posts on the Alphabetical Listing for a full explanation of what this is all about.

The criteria will be adopted by Council at the 10 August Meeting, together with an authorisation to the CEO to enable him to approach the Minister to allow the funds to be used anywhere within the Thames Ward - they are currently restricted to the old Thames town boundary, which is impracticable.

The apparent intention of the Board is the the current subsidisation of Parks and Reserves form this account will cease, and this will have a rating effect within the Ward. The intention is that the capital from the fund be reserved for projects of a non infrastructure nature - the swimming pool, Zoom Zone dry court, and Rhodes Park grandstand are mentioned, though the funds will never be sufficient  to cover even one of these projects on their own.

To remove any doubt created by the hopeful Zoom Zone proponents, the farms cannot be sold without the permission of the Minister, and that is highly unlikely.

It is important to get the criteria set in concrete, and progress away from the terrible  confusion that was been caused in the main by staff ineptitude, and failure to account, in the past.

The following is the wording that will go to Council on Wednesday:

Thames Urban General Purpose Reserve - Criteria for Use
Clause 1:
Projects are to be geographically constrained to the Thames Community Board Ward area.
Clause 2:
Any disbursements are to be made to augment major community projects of a non-infrastructural basis that would not readily be funded from any other means.
Non-infrastructural is deemed to mean any infrastructure which is not a road, water, sewer, wastewater or utility service.
Clause 3:
There are two types of disbursements from the Reserve; disbursements of revenue earned by interest on the balance of the reserve and disbursements of principal.  Proposed disbursements of revenue earned by interest are not to
exceed 80% of the income earned in any one financial year.
Clause 4:
The capital is to be used for significant, non-infrastructural projects only, as agreed upon by the Thames Community Board, provided the balance of the
Thames Urban General Purpose Reserve is maintained at $500,000.
Clause 5:
Any sale proceeds derived from assets purchased from the TUGPR account must be returned to the fund.
Clause 6:
A three yearly plan for possible disbursement of the TUGPR funds is to be generated by the Thames Community Board no later than the end of their first
full working year following the local government triennial election.
Clause 7:
The TUGPR Policy is to be revised by the Thames Community Board three yearly, no later than the end of their first full working year following the local government triennial election.
Clause 8:
The Thames Community Board will be provided with an annual report of the TUGPR, including a review of the account on September 1 every year.
Clause 9:
The Policy and Criteria for Use involving the Thames Urban General Purpose Reserve shall become part of the Community Board Development Program for
incoming members of the Thames Community Board at the beginning of the Triennial term.



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