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The decision was made this afternoon, but it was the choice of the Mayor not to release the decision immediately. This of course gives rise to speculation. 

Strong rumour has it that David Hammond - currently CEO of Ruapehu - a substantially smaller Council ($32m. rate income compared with our $60m.) is the man. I make no guarantee that this information is on the mark, but in the interests of getting it out first, make what you will of it. Such is what happens when people attempt to control information. If it is incorrect I will take it down as soon as the press release comes out tomorrow morning. Otherwise I will enhance it with further background. 

This is taken from a recent interview.

Recruitment Interview with the Chief Executive
16 June 2011
We asked Chief Executive, David Hammond, a number of questions to understand where he is coming from with recruitment at Ruapehu District Council.
This was his reply:
Councils are dull rules-bound places, and yours is remote. How do you get good
candidates for jobs? 
“I tell everybody who starts at our workplacethat they have made the right career choice for them and their families. Not only do they come to the best outdoors area in the North Island, they come to a workplace committedto their career development and offering the flexibility to have a life. You can live in a traffic jam if you want. Living a life is biking home at lunchtime to see your partner, skiing in the weekends, and for all this – getting paid a competitive wage working in achallenging job that returns to the community, and with a staff team committed to yourdevelopment. That’s life, and that’s what we offer here.”  
How big a deal is isolation? It seems like a real turnoff to working in Ruapehu.
“The world is coming to us. Tourism increased here in 2010 whilst nationally it was in decline. We have new business, such as McDonalds, and subdivision has increased 22% since 2000. My family adjusted well. The kids are happy, and we save more money now. So, isolation isn’t the big factor it used to be. Overall, we’re building a life here, building our community and seeing our kids flourish. I don’t need a great deal more to be happy.”
Do you have trouble retaining staff?
“No. Our turnover rate is well under 10% annually. Staff satisfaction was 81% in 2011,
up 17% since I arrived in 2007. People should take a second look at a well-run rural
Are you trying to make out that you’re the perfect workplace?
“I wish. We are a great workplace – but I’m biased. We are also just your average group
of people doing our best on behalf of the community. We have our problems and
disagreements, but I ask that we be adult about these things. Strong platforms of our council are
Teamwork, People and Innovation. Right across Council all our staff work together to
help us succeed in these areas.”
On Council’s website there is a Values Charter – are values important here or is this a ‘me-too’ document?
“We launched the Values Charter in March 2008, and for me it’s the real thing. The Values describe how we do things around here, and I will only be recruiting people who are compatible with these values. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not after, ‘Yes’ people. But I think that if a candidate did not have a fit with
the values we espouse, then practically, they will likely end up unhappy over time and feeling like a square peg in a round hole. Also, if you have a good look at the Values Charter, you’ll see that this Council aspires to be a contemporary organisation that equals the commercial environment in its
commitments to service, efficiency, employee development, asset and service development and effectiveness of delivery. People who come to work for us are not stepping back into the 18th Century. We aspire to the cutting edge. I guess if a person was after a ‘sunset’ career without challenge, and wanted to ease up in a quiet Council, then we’re not the place they’re looking for, and they are not the peole we are looking for either, 


Here is the Values Charter:

RDC Values Charter

Our Purpose

To see this District prosper through effective management and delivery of high quality assets and services and the provision of innovative customer and community focussed solutions.

To prosper and achieve real growth we must:

• Earn the trust of communities, customers and employees by being good communicators and consistently delivering on commitments

• Actively manage and improve our high quality assets and services, with consistent commitment to better efficiency and effectiveness of delivery.

• Continue to strive towards a high performance organisation in which every individual accepts responsibility and is rewarded for results delivery.

We value:

• Delivering real solutions - a commitment to approaching every customer and community with the desire to find a satisfying solution to their needs, for a win/win relationship

• Integrity and credibility - includes doing what we say we will do, when we say we will do it and in an ethical manner.

• High performance - the satisfaction and excitement of achieving better results and outcomes than before and stretching our capabilities.

• Respect for each other - the embracing of diversity and enhancing of better outcomes and relationships through openness, sharing, trust, teamwork and involvement.

• The courage to lead change - accepting the responsibility to deliver positive change and continuously questioning and striving for improvement in efficiency and to deliver more for less for our communities and customers.

We are successful in creating value when:

• Our District is improving in prosperity through our positive leadership.

• Our communities and customers are acknowledging the value we create for their ratefunded

investment and getting satisfying solutions to their needs.

• Our operations are efficient and effective in service delivery

• Every staff member starts each day with a sense of purpose and ends each day with a sense of accomplishment.

Good Luck



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Reader Comments (2)

If you are right Bill then I wish Steve Ruru well for the future. He was a good CEO that lead the council thru a difficult period and thru some huge changes

September 29, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJohn

yip Steve RURU did well - working under extremly difficult circumstances -including amongst of which was having 2 inexperienced Mayors as his boss [including NZ's youngest and the councils first female Mayor] .When Steve first arrived much of the councils staff had been removed under the previous Councils 'sinking lid policy' - a Council that the current Mayor was part of. Steve had to bring back inhouse the major contracts - rehire staff, get rid of the legions of consultants [many of whom were previous Council staff ] - and baby sit the inexperienced Mayors - so I take my hat off to him. The talk around my club [on the Eastern seaboard!] is that Steve was doomed from the start in the selection rounds as 2 of the 3 man selection committee had publicly denounced Steve - with the current Mayor saying on the campaign trial , words to the effect ,that "Steve could apply---but probably didn't have the ability to carry it out--' [an operational budget]
From talk aroud the club there was also the backlash about Steve's ethnic background,[ remember the Otahu toilets/ Papa Aroha/Whangamata marina to name but a few] but the few occassions I ever meet him I found him a true gentleman, unassuming in nature, but at the same time very passionate about the Council and a very astute 'politician'- all this inspite of the concerted hounding of him by various groups/press with no thought about the affect on his family, who unwittingly were caught up in all the hype and distorted comments made in the media/public about Steve.
As a part of the silent majority we wish you and your family all the very best for the future - you deserve a break in life - you did well!!!

September 29, 2011 | Unregistered Commentercyclops

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