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Order Papers

I do not wish to get off-sides with the TCDC administration, but it is incredibly important that staff understand their obligations under the Local Government Act Standing Orders to make meeting order papers available to the public TWO CLEAR WORKING DAYS before meetings (NZS 9202:2003 2.15.8). Most of these papers are very long and take considerable time to peruse.

There have been failures to meet ths requirement in the past, but since the advent of 'on-line' papers in February this year, most have gone up on time, and in a manner that make them usable to people like myself who may need to copy sections of papers or appendices in order to make them available to a wider audience.  Readers will be aware that most of my posts go up on the Saturday or Sunday prior to regular six weekly Wednesday council meetings. Likewise before the Monday TCB meetings.

On this occasion, I had to ask on Thursday mid-morning why the TCB agenda was not up. I was told that illness had intervened, but it was still not posted until much later that day. And it contained important appendices that were 'read only' - not helpful.

Normally, the Council agenda is put up on the Friday afternoon before the Wednesday meeting. This gives commentators such as myself time to post, but legally, it need only be up by 9am on the Monday before the meeting - again not particularly helpful. 

It is now midday on Sunday, and the agenda has still not been posted. I hope that this is an aberration, and not what we must expect in the future. In the meantime, the several hundred readers of this blog who normally check for information prior to meetings will need to wait until Monday evening, or Tuesday for posts on this occasion. 

I will be attending the TCB on Monday morning, and trust that it will finish within a reasonable time, unlike recent TCB  meetings which dragged on interminably.




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