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Trade Waste

I won't attempt to summarise the content of the Trade waste paper that will go through the TCB tomorrow preparatory to the hearing on 30 November. Those who are interested should go directly to the paper on the Website. Suffice to say that the following represents the 'bottom line' in terms of the payments that are proposed in the various categories.

It seems that the 'focus group' of those affected have agreed in principle to the proposals, and that it is likely to be fairly non-controversial. So it should be considering the fact that ratepayers will continue to subsidize the processing of trade waste - see the 'Introduction Charge' which should be 'introductory'. Presumably, the aim is to move to full recovery over time.

These are the categories and proposed charges:

Category Business Type      Full Recovery     Introduction Charge

A                                                                                                                                                                  Meat works                         263,207            52,607
Hospital                                38,997              7,765
Seafood processing              87,145            17,414
Seafood farm                        50,970            10,159
Butchery                                 1,676                 300
Dentist                                   4,336                 833
Laundry                                11,100              2,185
Fast food outlet                      2,994                 564
Engineering workshop            2,080                 381
Concrete yard                         4,976                 961
Cafe                                        2,385                 442
Hotel/Motel                             4,890                 943
Plastic products                       3,180                  601
Mortuary                                 1,657                  297
Photo processor                        954                  156
Printer                                       769                  119
Restaurant                              3,101                  585
Textile products                      4,754                  916
Vehicle wash                           2,446                  455
Service station                        1,548                  275
Pharmacy                                      0                      0
Hairdresser                                   0                      0
Bakery                                          0                       0
Doctor                                           0                      0
Retail                                            0                      0




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